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Reproduction of La Porta Sancta (Holy Door) from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

Available in bronze or brass in three different presentation options.The main doors of a church play a significant role in its architecture. For centuries, they have symbolized the threshold of entering into life in Christ, for Christ is the door through which all must enter. During special times, the Holy Father may call for a solemn opening of the “Holy Doors” reminding us of their significance. During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has called for the solemn opening of the Holy Doors of all Cathedrals signifying that all who come through them, and the doors of all parish churches, may experience the love and mercy of Christ.

LPSBRA-001-BRBrass Holy Door with stand, overall size 4¼” x 62/3”$100.00
LPSBRA-003-BRBrass Holy Door on wood, overall size 67/8” x 87/8”$165.00
LPSBRO-001-BRBronze Holy Door with stand, overall size 4¼” x 62/3” $132.00
LPSBRO-002-BRBronze Holy Door on acrylic, overall size 62/3” x 82/3” $245.00
LPSBRO-003-BRBronze Holy Door on wood, overall size 67/8” x 87/8” $242.50

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