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Slabbinck Albs And Surplices

See rope cinctures

Slabbinck of Belgium offers matching albs and surplices in washable fabrics of the finest quality.

The coat style alb has a fixed amice collar, two front and back pleats for freedom of movement, two slits for access to trouser pockets, and covered buttons.

A matching surplice with a square neckline and four pleats in front and back is available in every style. Standard lengths are 35", 38" and 41".

Albs and surplices are manufactured in crease-resistant, wash-and-wear fabrics.

Standard sizes for men are 37", 41" or 45" chest with lengths of 55", 57", 59", 61" or 63". Standard sizes for women are small (31"-34" bust), medium (34"-37" bust) or large (37"-41" bust) in lengths of 51", 52", 53", 54", or 55".

Custom sizes are available for both albs and surplices. The Terlenka is also available in red, dark red, green, purple, gold, blue, or black. Please call about these colors or custom sizes (1-800-543-0264).

Style #73: Three woven borders are inserted in the sleeves and skirt of Greco.

Style #100: A simple embroidery in white or grey along with stitched pleats is applied to the sleeves and skirt of Greco. Additional fabrics are available.

Style #300: A more elaborate embroidery in metallic gold-white or grey-white is applied to the sleeves and skirt of Ravenna. Additional fabrics are available.

CodeNameDescriptionEnter SizeQtyPrice 
100aAlbGreco, embroidery, cream, opaque $420.00
100bSurpliceGreco, embroidery, cream, opaque $395.00
11aAlbTerlenka, plain, white, opaque $285.00
11bSurpliceTerlenka, plain, white, opaque $214.00
11cAlbLeo, plain, flax off-white, opaque $305.00
11dSurpliceLeo, plain, flax off-white, opaque $255.00
300aAlbRavenna, embroidery, white, opaque $465.00
300bSurpliceRavenna, embroidery, white, opaque $400.00
73aAlbGreco, woven inserts, cream, opaque $465.00
73bSurpliceGreco, woven inserts, cream, opaque $395.00
Rope Cinctures

Avaliable in green, white, purple, gold, natural, blue, red, or black, these cotton cinctures are washable and knotted by hand, and have a 1/2" diameter.

57-0Rope CinctureAdult length, 147" $20.25
57-1Rope CinctureYouth's length, 81" $14.75

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